Hello all,

Are you (yes you) a merchant on Bohemia, or wish to become one? Then this is for you. This wiki can be used as reference material for anything you might be confused about, or wish to know in regards to selling your products on Bohemia.

• How much does the merchant bond cost?

Currently, anybody who wishes to become a merchant must pay the $200.00USD fee. This will give you instant rights to vending on Bohemia.

• I’m an established merchant, is there a bond waiver for people like me?

Yes! We're generally pretty lax when it comes to granting bond waivers, however we do keep an eye out for any rough reviews from the past. We run potential merchants through a filter prior to granting the role. It's extremely important that the PGP key associated to your Bohemia account is the same as on other markets and/or Recon, DarkNetTrust etc. Apply if you haven't already!

• What can I not sell on Bohemia?

- Ammunition
- Firearms
- Fentanyl & Similar
- Laced Substances
- Child Pornography
- Animal Pornography
- Abuse content and / or material.
- Services/methods/items with intent to cause or inflict any kind of harm to another living being.
- Objects which can cause destruction.
- Any material and / or objects relating to terrorism.
- Ponzi schemes / financial related scams which put other members at risk.
- Anything related to COVID-19.

• What currencies are currently supported by Bohemia?

As of June 2021, Bohemia supports both BTC (Bitcoin) and XMR (Monero).

• What means of trade does Bohemia currently offer?

We provide the simplest means of trade there currently are to both merchants and buyers:

- Escrow (Funds are safe-guarded, and only released once the buyer receives the said goods)
- Finalize Early (Once an order is marked as shipped, the funds will be immediately allocated to the merchant's wallet)

• What fee(s) should I expect to pay for operating on Bohemia?

Unlike other markets which enforce a strict X% fee regardless of seller history, reputation etc, Bohemia has a dynamic fee system which takes a small cut from each sale based on your seller level.
At the start, a 4% flat fee will be taken from each and every sale. As you grow, and have more sales completed, the fee will progresssively go down to nearly 2%

To give an idea of what sort of progression to expect:

Level 1 has a 4% cut.
Level 3 has a 3.8% cut.
Level 5 has a 3.5% cut.
Level 10 has a 3% cut.

& so on.

• How can I obtain finalize early privileges?

This is unfortunately quite difficult to obtain. It is not something which can be purchased, more-so it is acquired based on the seller reputation you have, or build on Bohemia.
Those who have an extensive history of dealing using finalize early privileges on other markets, may have the opportunity to receive the same privilege on Bohemia. 
It's best to put a ticket through the support system for the team to evaluate if you are eligible.

• How will I be informed of any new orders, or updates to pre-existing orders?

Keep an eye out for a red label next to the sales section on the navigation bar, additionally regularly check your notifications (bell icon) to see if any of your orders have been finalized by the buyer.
The sales section of the merchant dashboard contains everything you need to process, and deal with orders which may go south (disputes):

- Processing (New orders which have yet to be shipped. Check buyer notes for the buyer's details. Once shipped, mark it as such!)
- Dispatched (This is where you can track any orders which you've shipped, and see how long until the auto-finalization of the order happens).
- Finalized (Congratulations, if your order has made it here it means the buyer has received the product and the funds are yours to keep and withdraw).
- Disputed (If a user is unhappy with their order, they may have started a dispute on a listing. You can keep track of all disputes in this section).
- Cancelled (Any listings which you've had to cancel due to no stock, or simply at the customer's solicitation).

• A customer is unhappy with their order, and they haven’t created a dispute yet. What should I do?

In the scenario where a dispute hasn't been initiated by the buyer, you may reship the said goods at your discretion, or cancel & refund the order to the buyer within the order page. You should always try and come to a mutual agreement prior to initiating a dispute. This will save time for all parties involved.

• A customer is unhappy with their order, and have created a dispute. What are my options?

When a dispute is created, the administration/moderation team will intervene to see what has happened. Both you (the merchant) and the buyer may respond, and create replies backing their sides of the deal. If you want to close the dispute, you may do so by selecting the cancel & refund button on the dispute page. The funds will be returned to the buyer.
It's also good to note that the buyer has the same option (cancellation of dispute, and funds sent to merchant). If no agreement is reached, then a member of the Bohemia team will refund or process the dispute based on the proof, arguments and data provided.

• What’s the difference between a ‘digital’ and ‘physical’ listing?

As per the name might imply, a digital listing is for anything which does not need to be shipped physically (using a courier) but rather through the seller notes, or the autoship. This includes methods, accounts, scans etc.
On the other hand, a physical listing is anything which has to be shipped using a courier, and needs to be in the customer's physical hands.

• How do the featured listings operate?

The featured listings which you find on the homepage of Bohemia, work on a bidding system basis, whereby each of the eight highest bids for a slot in the section will appear for a week straight. By placing a bid, you are not guaranteed a slot. You will need to keep an eye out for any higher bids which may take you off the bidding table.

• What data can I see on the merchant dashboard?

The current dashboard contains everything you would need to keep track of your enterprise. This includes total revenue, total sales, and list of active products out in the wild. There's also graphs for both weekly & monthly revenue to track your revenue in a more simpler manner.

• How can I promote my listings?

Bohemia currently offers two types of promotions which any merchant can apply to any of their listings:

Stickied Listings
Sticky the listing(s) of your choice for instant exposure. Your listing will appear at the top of to the category for which it is currently located. 

Highlighted Listings 
Make your listing(s) pop with the highlighted feature, an eye catching glow will be displayed around your listing within the category for which it is currently located. 

Unlike the featured listings, these do not operate on a bidding basis, and once purchased they will operate for as long as you have purchased (currently any promotion can last for 3, 7, 14 or 30 days with each period of time having different prices).

• How does mass messaging work?

/u/BohemiaAres has posted a great post about this on /d/Bohemia, which you can find here: /post/188236e12ed5c0ce5d65

• Can I offer customers discounts?

Yeah, we have a coupon system so you can create unlimited coupons which grant any of your listings a discount at checkout. Coupons are fully customizable from the code, to the products which it can apply to, to even the maximum amount of users before the code becomes void.

• Can I block a user from buying from our store?

We understand there may be particular buyers you don't want to deal with, and for that reason we've added the ability to blacklist a user from trying to add one of your products to their cart.

• Sales Policy? What should I include in there?

It's important to note that this sales policy appears under every listing you will publish. This should contain crucial information which any buyer should know such as:

- Refund policy
- Reship policy
- Delivery speeds/schedule
- Other conditions (banned countries, buyer level requirements etc)

• I have a feature request for the merchant dashboard, where should I submit it?

You may use the support system provided on Bohemia to create a request for any features which you feel would both benefit you, and other merchants alike.

– The Bohemia Team