• Bohemia Market: How to passively earn $$$ with us

    Greetings All,

    You can never earn or have too much money, and for that reason we’ve implemented an affiliate program here at Bohemia, which has primarily been designed to reward those who invite users to the platform prior to their registration.

    For each purchase made by the person(s) you have invited through your referral link, you will receive 25% of the platforms percentage deduction for those purchases. For example, if the platform percentage fee is 4%, and the item purchased by the referred user has a price of $100 – you will effectively receive 25% of that 4% cut ($1). You will passively receive 25% of the market’s cut for each purchase made by every user which you have referred.

    These funds will automatically be credited to your balance and can either be withdrawn or used as a spendable balance on any of the many listings found on Bohemia.

    Your personal referral invitation link can be found in the “User CP” alongside the associated statistics, as well as inside the “Affiliate Program” widget, located at the bottom left hand side of the homepage.

    What are you waiting for? Register an account, get sharing and earn today!

    • The Bohemia Team
  • Bohemia Market: P2P Exchange Facility (1% Fee)

    As part of our December update, we introduced a brand NEW feature unseen on any other platform: a P2P (peer-to-peer) exchange.

    By using the system, users are able to trade both BTCXMR and XMRBTC amongst themselves for a low fee of only 1% (the lowest exchange fee found on any platform/marketplace).

    Here’s how easy it is to set-up a trade:

    • Once authenticated, navigate to the exchange dropdown which shows once you selected the wallet option.

    • Optionally, you may find it in your User CP.
      • Select between BTC -> XMR & XMR -> BTC depending on what exactly you wish to exchange.
      • Type in the desired amount, and submit your request via the Open Trade button.

    An exchange request will be placed, and another user who is interested in fulfilling the exchange will accept it.
    Whenever necessary, you may retract your trade request from the “My Trades” section of the Exchange page.

    No faff, no fuss! The system will subtract it’s 1% fee, and take the currency you have, and convert it into the currency you desire!

    Sounds good? Sign-up today and start trading!

    • The Bohemia Team
  • Bohemia: Mass Messages / Customer Alerts

    Throughout the developmental stages of Bohemia, we sought to provide tools for our merchants to use, of which would ultimately serve as a means of seamless functionality in relation to the communication with buyers. After careful thought and consideration, the “Mass Message” tool was born.

    Compromising of a dedicated section from within the merchant control panel, this tool can be utilized in a way for which (to the best of our knowledge) hasn’t been offered by any other platform thus far. Functionality of this tool provides the merchant in question with the ability to directly alert their customers of product additions, restocks and even promotional signals with the inclusion of previously activated coupon codes (also found within the merchant control panel).

    Merchants can select from one of the available mass message subjects for either “Product Alerts” or “Promotional Alerts”, along with one of their pre-existing products and / or coupon codes before firing the mass message to their customers.

    Recipients will receive a preset message directly to their inbox embedded with details of the merchant, their product or promotion and a link to the product in question or coupon code to use against the products belonging to said merchant.

    We have kept in mind the possibility of abuse with the mass message function, along with the fact that some users may not wish to be bombarded with product / promotional alerts, and so have imposed a 24 hour cool-down period between usage.

    Also, to ensure fairness for all, customers may unsubscribe from receiving mass messages by a particular merchant by simply navigating to their profile page and hitting the “Unsubscribe” button. Furthermore, mass messages will only be delivered to customers who have previously purchased 5 or more times from the merchant in question.

    • The Bohemia Team
  • Bohemia Market: Idea Board

    We intend on being transparent with our users and the community when it comes to the features we want to build on, then push to Bohemia.

    This thread will be updated regularly with new ideas, and features which are to be added in future updates. You are all welcome to comment, criticize, and support any of the features & changes we have listed in this thread. This list contains a mixture of both user-reported features, and ideas from the Bohemia team.

    – Message Templates

    Merchants may wish to easily copy a message template when needing to message a buyer. This feature will give the merchant the ability to configure as many message templates as they wish, and be able to retrieve them on the message composition page.

    – Global Shipping Options

    Currently shipping options must be assigned to each listing individually – however a lot of merchants use the same shipping options for all of their listings. This feature will provide a configurable series of shipping options which will be (if no shipping option is attached to a listing already), assigned to all of their listings.

    – Instagram-like feed

    Merchants may want to share their new products, sales etc with the world. We think an Instagram-like feed, where merchants can post a picture alongside a caption once every 24 hours for the entire platform to see, with an upvote system could be an interesting avenue to check out.

    – Employee Panel

    The ability for merchants to assign employee status to other accounts will require a panel, in which employees can process queries, disputes & so on. The merchant will have full transparency over what their employees are doing.

    – Buyer graphs

    Buyers may wish to track their spending habits, and order count on a nicely plotted graph. Not much use to it, however some users may like that.

    – Quick-buy

    There’d be no need to go through the cart if the user would purchase only one listing, and as such buyers will be able to purchase any listing with one click after setting their default PGP encrypted buyer notes for quick-buys.

    – Merchant Telegram Alerts

    It can be a bit of a pain in the ass to have to go through the entire process of checking if a merchant has any orders, if any orders have finalized, if any tickets have been created etc, merchants will set their Telegram ID, and a bot will alert them of any important notifications.

    – Merchant Jabber/XMPP Alerts

    Similar to the previous Telegram alerts, certain merchants may prefer to use Jabber/XMPP as opposed to Telegram. This will work in the same way.

    – Private listings

    Not all listings need to be shown to the world. Merchants will be able to create private listings, which require a ID to reveal & access.

    – Smart Search System

    To make searching for products a bit quicker & faster, we intend on having the option to search for what you need on the homepage, without needing to go to the listings page, and using the advanced search. It will ask for some key details to filter by (substance, destination, source) and will automatically filtered for what can be afforded by the funds in your wallet.

    – Recon/Kilos Feedback

    Feedback is important for merchants to pull new buyers in. For that reason, we will add appropriate changes to the listing view, and profile view to account for any feedback received on any other marketplaces.

    – Merchant Fronts

    We’d like for merchants to be able to setup, and deploy their own customizable fronts which they can share with buyers and the general public. This will be similar to the idea of a merchant shop, however all administration, hosting, escrow etc will be handled by Bohemia.

    • The Bohemia Team
  • WARNING – Expiring Key Pairs Will Lock the User Out of the Account

    I’m making this post to alert people of the danger of having a Valid Until/Expiry Date on their Secret Keys. ALLOWING THE SECRET KEY TO EXPIRE WILL LOCK THEM OUT OF THEIR ACCOUNTS USING 2FA ON MARKETS AND FORUMS.

    I’m not going to get into any discussions about using forever keys vs using expiring keys. Those advanced users who need expiring keys, such as vendors on The Majestic Garden, will already know they need such keys and the reasons why they’re needed, and are aware of how to manage expiring keys.

    A LOT of users, buyers and vendors, have made keys with a Valid Until/Expiry Date of two years from the original date of the keys (the Kleopatra default). Many, if not most, of these users are unaware their keys will expire and lock them out of their 2FA accounts on DNM’s and forums (like Dread). I’m seeing more and more posts of people locked out because of expired keys, and have been wondering how to tackle the issue. They must update the Expiry Date before the key expires to be able to continue using 2FA.

    WARNING – Anyone who wants to change the Expiry Date on their Secret Key must first disable 2FA and remove their current Public Key from every site enabled with their current key. Failure to do so will lock them out of their accounts. The new key Expiry Date creates a new Secret and Public Key Pair that must be used to re-enable 2FA everywhere it’s currently in place. – WARNING

    I’ve written a guide for new people to use Kleopatra, and the guide includes making keys of 4096 length with no Valid Until/Expiry Date (aka Forever Keys), and also explains how to change the Expiry Date before the key expires (You can see a work-in-progress of the procedures.)

    First, you can tell if your key has an Expiry Date by looking at the key in Kleopatra. If it includes a Valid Until date, it will expire on that date.
    WARNING – Anyone who wants to change the Expiry Date on their Secret Key must first disable 2FA and remove their current Public Key from every site enabled with their current key. Failure to do so will lock them out of their accounts. The new key Expiry Date creates a new Secret and Public Key Pair that must be used to re-enable 2FA everywhere it’s currently in place. – WARNING

    Step 1 – Remove your current Public Key from all places using it for 2FA, including markets, forums, etc. FAILURE TO REMOVE YOUR CURRENT PUBLIC KEY FROM 2FA WILL LOCK YOU OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNTS. You must also remove the key completely from the sites, leaving no Public Key enabled.
    Step 2 – Find your Secret Key in Kleopatra, right click on the key, then click Change Expiry Date…
    Step 3 – In the Change Expiry – Kleopatra popup, change the date to Never if you want a “forever” key that never expires. Advanced users already know about their expiring keys and must manage those keys themselves.
    Step 4 – Click OK
    Step 5 – Delete your old Public Key anywhere you have it saved. It is now useless.
    Step 6 – Back up your revised Secret Key. This includes exporting your Secret Key and replacing all copies everywhere you’ve saved it.
    Step 7 – Export your new Public Key, and use the key to re-enable 2FA on all accounts on markets and forums.

    For those who don’t remember how to back up Secret Key or export Public Key, here are procedures you can follow. NOTE – These procedures are for Kleopatra on Tails (Windows users can adapt them). If you use something other than Kleopatra you must use the process for your PGP front-end:

    Part 3 – Exporting your Public Key in Kleopatra
    Step 1 – In Kleopatra, find your secret key (it will be in bold text).
    Step 2 – Right click on the key, then find and click on Export
    NOTE – Do not click Export Secret Keys at this time.
    Step 3 – In the Export Certificates — Kleopatra popup, double-click Persistent in the Name list.
    Step 4 – Rename the File name: to something you will remember. I use PublicKey.asc (Make it simple so you can easily spot the file), then click Save.

    Part 4 – Copying Your Public Key in Cleartext to Post on Other Web Sites or Send to a Vendor
    Step 1 – Open Applications – Favorites – Files, then click on Persistent in the list on the left side of the window.
    Step 2 – Right click the PublicKey.asc file, then click Open With Other Application.
    Step 3 – In the Select Application popup, click View All Applications at the bottom.
    Step 4 – Under Related Applications, find and double-click on Text Editor. This opens a new Text Editor window with your keyfile in cleartext.
    NOTE – If you have another Text Editor window active, the file will open as a new tab.
    Step 5 – In Text Editor, click on the PublicKey.asc tab.
    Step 6 – Click in the cleartext key, then press Ctrl+A to highlight the entire key. Press Ctrl+C to copy the highlighted key.
    Step 7 – Go to the site or message you want to copy your key into, then click in the message/PGP Public Key area and press Ctrl+V to paste the copied key.

    Part 10- Backing Up Your Secret Key After Creation
    Step 1 – In Kleopatra, scroll through your certificates (aka keys) until you see your secret key (it will be in bold), then right-click on the key.
    Step 2 – In the popup, click Export Secret Keys…
    Step 3 In the Export Secret Key — KLeopatra popup, under Name, double-click Persistent.
    Step 4 – Change the File name: to something you will remember as your backup secret key. I use SecretBackup.asc
    Step 5 – Click Save
    Step 6 – In the Passphrase: popup, enter the passphrase for your secret key, then click OK.
    Step 7 – In the Secret Key Export Finished — Kleopatra popup, click OK.
    NOTE – You can copy this saved key to a USB drive to have an offline copy on seperate media.

  • Bohemia: PGP & Safety

    While Bohemia employs strong hashing algorithms for all data (credentials, orders, messages etc) which is stored, it is important that users (if haven’t already) familiarize themselves with the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) protocol as a means of encrypting sensitive data, which other parties (in the eventuality of a seize) cannot access.

    We explicitly recommend that all communication within the Bohemia platform is encrypted through the PGP protocol. When attaching sensitive information to an order for a merchant to see, such as your home address, please encrypt the contents using your PGP tool of choice along with your chosen merchant’s PGP key – for convenience a “Merchant PGP Key” can be clicked in the cart page to quickly show the merchant’s PGP key for purchases on the fly.

    PGP can also be used a means of authenticating a deposit address prior to broadcasting any transactions – on the deposit page selecting the “Verify Address” button will reveal an encrypted message containing the address and your username, which can only be decrypted by the key associated to your account. You should verify each, and every address prior to any deposits.

    Thanks to the constant innovation of technology, PGP software can be found on any operating system known to man. A list of tools worth mentioning are:

    Windows: Gpg4win (https://www.gpg4win[dot]org/)
    Linux: GnuPG (https://gnupg[dot]org/)
    iOS: PGP Everywhere (https://www.pgpeverywhere[dot]com/)
    Android: OpenKeyChain (https://www.openkeychain[dot]org/)

    Using any search engine, you can find brief tutorials for each of the above which will guide you through step-by-step to create your own unique PGP key, and then encrypt/decrypt messages.

    The administration of Bohemia wishes to emphasize the importance of using PGP encryption to protect yourself (as a buyer or vendor), and to most importantly: never share your private key with anybody. It is 2021, there is no excuse anymore to not use PGP.

    – The Bohemia Team