Bohemia Market: How to passively earn $$$ with us

Greetings All, You can never earn or have too much money, and for that reason we’ve implemented an affiliate program here at Bohemia, which has primarily been designed to reward those who invite users to the platform prior to their registration. For each purchase made by the person(s) you have invited through your referral link, […]

Bohemia Market: P2P Exchange Facility (1% Fee)

As part of our December update, we introduced a brand NEW feature unseen on any other platform: a P2P (peer-to-peer) exchange. By using the system, users are able to trade both BTCXMR and XMRBTC amongst themselves for a low fee of only 1% (the lowest exchange fee found on any platform/marketplace). Here’s how easy it […]

Bohemia: Mass Messages / Customer Alerts

Throughout the developmental stages of Bohemia, we sought to provide tools for our merchants to use, of which would ultimately serve as a means of seamless functionality in relation to the communication with buyers. After careful thought and consideration, the “Mass Message” tool was born. Compromising of a dedicated section from within the merchant control […]

Bohemia Market: Idea Board

We intend on being transparent with our users and the community when it comes to the features we want to build on, then push to Bohemia. This thread will be updated regularly with new ideas, and features which are to be added in future updates. You are all welcome to comment, criticize, and support any […]

WARNING – Expiring Key Pairs Will Lock the User Out of the Account

I’m making this post to alert people of the danger of having a Valid Until/Expiry Date on their Secret Keys. ALLOWING THE SECRET KEY TO EXPIRE WILL LOCK THEM OUT OF THEIR ACCOUNTS USING 2FA ON MARKETS AND FORUMS. I’m not going to get into any discussions about using forever keys vs using expiring keys. […]

Bohemia: PGP & Safety

While Bohemia employs strong hashing algorithms for all data (credentials, orders, messages etc) which is stored, it is important that users (if haven’t already) familiarize themselves with the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) protocol as a means of encrypting sensitive data, which other parties (in the eventuality of a seize) cannot access. We explicitly recommend that […]