Throughout the developmental stages of Bohemia, we sought to provide tools for our merchants to use, of which would ultimately serve as a means of seamless functionality in relation to the communication with buyers. After careful thought and consideration, the “Mass Message” tool was born.

Compromising of a dedicated section from within the merchant control panel, this tool can be utilized in a way for which (to the best of our knowledge) hasn’t been offered by any other platform thus far. Functionality of this tool provides the merchant in question with the ability to directly alert their customers of product additions, restocks and even promotional signals with the inclusion of previously activated coupon codes (also found within the merchant control panel).

Merchants can select from one of the available mass message subjects for either “Product Alerts” or “Promotional Alerts”, along with one of their pre-existing products and / or coupon codes before firing the mass message to their customers.

Recipients will receive a preset message directly to their inbox embedded with details of the merchant, their product or promotion and a link to the product in question or coupon code to use against the products belonging to said merchant.

We have kept in mind the possibility of abuse with the mass message function, along with the fact that some users may not wish to be bombarded with product / promotional alerts, and so have imposed a 24 hour cool-down period between usage.

Also, to ensure fairness for all, customers may unsubscribe from receiving mass messages by a particular merchant by simply navigating to their profile page and hitting the “Unsubscribe” button. Furthermore, mass messages will only be delivered to customers who have previously purchased 5 or more times from the merchant in question.

  • The Bohemia Team

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