We intend on being transparent with our users and the community when it comes to the features we want to build on, then push to Bohemia.

This thread will be updated regularly with new ideas, and features which are to be added in future updates. You are all welcome to comment, criticize, and support any of the features & changes we have listed in this thread. This list contains a mixture of both user-reported features, and ideas from the Bohemia team.

– Message Templates

Merchants may wish to easily copy a message template when needing to message a buyer. This feature will give the merchant the ability to configure as many message templates as they wish, and be able to retrieve them on the message composition page.

– Global Shipping Options

Currently shipping options must be assigned to each listing individually – however a lot of merchants use the same shipping options for all of their listings. This feature will provide a configurable series of shipping options which will be (if no shipping option is attached to a listing already), assigned to all of their listings.

– Instagram-like feed

Merchants may want to share their new products, sales etc with the world. We think an Instagram-like feed, where merchants can post a picture alongside a caption once every 24 hours for the entire platform to see, with an upvote system could be an interesting avenue to check out.

– Employee Panel

The ability for merchants to assign employee status to other accounts will require a panel, in which employees can process queries, disputes & so on. The merchant will have full transparency over what their employees are doing.

– Buyer graphs

Buyers may wish to track their spending habits, and order count on a nicely plotted graph. Not much use to it, however some users may like that.

– Quick-buy

There’d be no need to go through the cart if the user would purchase only one listing, and as such buyers will be able to purchase any listing with one click after setting their default PGP encrypted buyer notes for quick-buys.

– Merchant Telegram Alerts

It can be a bit of a pain in the ass to have to go through the entire process of checking if a merchant has any orders, if any orders have finalized, if any tickets have been created etc, merchants will set their Telegram ID, and a bot will alert them of any important notifications.

– Merchant Jabber/XMPP Alerts

Similar to the previous Telegram alerts, certain merchants may prefer to use Jabber/XMPP as opposed to Telegram. This will work in the same way.

– Private listings

Not all listings need to be shown to the world. Merchants will be able to create private listings, which require a ID to reveal & access.

– Smart Search System

To make searching for products a bit quicker & faster, we intend on having the option to search for what you need on the homepage, without needing to go to the listings page, and using the advanced search. It will ask for some key details to filter by (substance, destination, source) and will automatically filtered for what can be afforded by the funds in your wallet.

– Recon/Kilos Feedback

Feedback is important for merchants to pull new buyers in. For that reason, we will add appropriate changes to the listing view, and profile view to account for any feedback received on any other marketplaces.

– Merchant Fronts

We’d like for merchants to be able to setup, and deploy their own customizable fronts which they can share with buyers and the general public. This will be similar to the idea of a merchant shop, however all administration, hosting, escrow etc will be handled by Bohemia.

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