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You can never earn or have too much money, and for that reason we’ve implemented an affiliate program here at Bohemia, which has primarily been designed to reward those who invite users to the platform prior to their registration.

For each purchase made by the person(s) you have invited through your referral link, you will receive 25% of the platforms percentage deduction for those purchases. For example, if the platform percentage fee is 4%, and the item purchased by the referred user has a price of $100 – you will effectively receive 25% of that 4% cut ($1). You will passively receive 25% of the market’s cut for each purchase made by every user which you have referred.

These funds will automatically be credited to your balance and can either be withdrawn or used as a spendable balance on any of the many listings found on Bohemia.

Your personal referral invitation link can be found in the “User CP” alongside the associated statistics, as well as inside the “Affiliate Program” widget, located at the bottom left hand side of the homepage.

What are you waiting for? Register an account, get sharing and earn today!

  • The Bohemia Team

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